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About the Artist

Fritz Cass, born in Glen Cove, NY and has been a resident of Hampton Bays since 1982, he has lived his life on the wild side as a motorcycle racer in the 70's, whose first sculptures were these same motorcycles that he began designing, his earliest "VISIONS IN STEEL"

Fritz is an artist, a welder, and a man in love with nature, being an avid fisherman and gardener.  These diverse qualities harmonize within his vision as he creates etheric, metal sculptures seem to flow in the wind; his indoor sculptures capture movement in there stillness

Fritz's process begins with drawing his sculptures in 2D, onto a plate of metal, whilst visualizing them in 3D.  He designs a fluid line which he meticulously cuts.  Most often these multi-faceted pieces are created from one piece of steel, a tribute to the integrity of the artist.

Be sure to visit the Gallery to see some of Fritz's work and feel free to send an e-mail to have your very own piece commissioned by him.
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